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Growing up in a small Sri Lankan village, surrounding myself with images of beautiful landscape that brought me to life, but there were further elements I was to discover. Passion, love, war, hate and dangerous were to arise within the visions I was seeing, that made me very curious about the images I`ve been seeing. Not only I saw art and power through every story around me, using flicker image as powerful tool to tell stories, change people’s point of view. Maybe it was my father figure who taught me the beauty of photography, the passion to it. Perhaps it was my drive within which pushed me to nomadic points of madness, the obedient of HOW and WHAT to catch moments. There was something more that I wanted to connect my passions together, with my high-skill to observe not only the nature but people’s reactions. It was called passion for cinematography. I always knew this dream would come true if I put my courage and hard work to it, but Civil War back in my country made this dream almost impossible. I managed to escape from my motherland, to pursuit my career and dreams in cinematography. Since 2007 I gained the experience on

Siva Santhakumar l DOP

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