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Our feature film “The Sixth Land” is completed today and I would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in this huge project. Firstly thank you for Baskaran Kandiah (IBC Tamil) for their funding to make this wonderful film. My thanks to the director and my friend Anantha Ramanan f for hiring me as director of photography and post production supervisor, and for providing me with a friendly work environment. My huge thanks to all the actors and actresses who have been the backbone to this film. Special thanks in particular to the production crew, my gaffer Shobhan Vemula lighting technicians and on set assistants who understand my vision and their dedication to work in harsh weather conditions. It’s been a great pleasure to work with our post production team especially our editor and my friend Sajeeth Jeyakumar , My amazing colourist Laura Pavone & Re-recording mixer Barni Sparkes . Also I would like to thank our music director Chinthaka Jayakody for his soulful music score to the film. Also Thank you for Anomaa Rajakaruna who's Producer of Marketing and Distribution . The amazing journey that has come to an end, a long and memorable journey for the entire film crew.

Thank you again everyone!

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