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The story behind Tamil Car Review

While YouTube is flooded with countless car studies, we chose to be unique with our mother tongue. It is our pride that examining and presenting some hints about cars in our mother language. Tamil Car Review is a YouTube channel which is successfully running and hosting by Kutti Hari. Would you like to know how we started this new episode?

When I met Kutti Hari, it was a shooting time of a wedding in 2010 also a DSLR was carried by me which was limited at that time meantime,m. This and the way I work made Kutti Hari think as taking his future albums through DSLR. Ultimately, we have worked together in such album songs and web series.

In between, we could not get frequent possibilities to meet since we turned into other paths, I started working in the Film Industry as well as done short films, feature films and British series while Kutti Hari commenced his higher studies.

After a few years, I met him again as an undergraduate - BSc in Electronics and Electrical Engineer. Then he began his career at VW as a Sales advisor and Social media specialist as well as currently working at Tesla as a Tesla Advisor/ Product Specialist. Besides, the Tesla Model 3 projects are on processing for launch UK Marker at HQ in London.

Meanwhile, as an independent YouTuber and driving a few channels, I was in a seek for an individual, who is interested in cars and a good presenter. Since Kutti Hari is familiar with cars and like-minded, I thought no one can do a better role than him. When I approached him about Tamil Car Review, he willingly joined with me. Additionally, Vakisan Nagenthiram also supporting us; not only now but also he is giving his support since 2017.

This journey started with a car, Mustang and we have recently reviewed the car, Rolls Royce that encountered by above 100k viewers. You people are amazed us by showing so much love and giving genuine feedback. Heartfelt gratitude to all who aid this channel to stand with above 7500 subscribers. We hope that your unconditional love will never end, meantime, we make sure to do our best to save this forever. Stay tuned and support for our upcoming videos too.

We made it possible with positive vibes!

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